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Looking for help for your digestive, autoimmune or complex health issues? You're in the right place and we are glad you're here!

Dr. Bowen’s Approach

Dr. Bowen has been a specialist in digestive, autoimmune and complex conditions for nearly 2 decades. She should be considered when you have been directly referred to her by another provider or if you have seen several providers previously for your conditions. As a Board Fellow in Naturopathic Gastroenterology, she is often able to help people who have not found digestive relief while working with other providers.

  • Digestive Health  – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, GERD/heartburn, SIBO, Methane Overgrowth, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, nausea and vomiting
  • Autoimmune or inflammatory conditions – Rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroid conditions, joint pain and inflammation, Sjogren’s syndrome, Scleroderma, Lupus and more.
  • Mold and Mycotoxin exposure – Dr. Bowen is a Mold Literate Provider who can help you navigate your healing post mold/mycotoxin exposure.
  • Complex symptoms or conditions that are not being well managed with other care
Dr Bowen ND Bothell Natural Health
headshot of Naturopathic Doctor Amanda Tieu, ND, LAc, at Bothell Natural Health in Washington State

Dr. Tieu’s Approach

In addition to offering holistic Primary Care and a holistic approach to mental health, Dr. Tieu specializes in the following conditions: 

  • Dermatology (skin care for dermatitis, eczema, candida, acne, and psoriasis)
  • Chronic Pain and autoimmune conditions
  • Natural Hormone Balance –  irregular menses (not bioidentical-HRT), Thyroid and Adrenal Health
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Non-complex digestive conditions – IBS, dysbiosis, candida

Work with us


Experienced Clinicians

Dr. Bowen, ND, FABNG, has decades of personal and professional expertise in managing many types of gastrointestinal conditions and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Tieu, ND, LAc, also has extensive knowledge in digestion and autoimmunity. Dr. Tieu specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, dermatology, and food allergies.


Dr. Bowen and Dr. Tieu firmly believe that creating a healing relationship between the provider and the patient/client is a healthy and necessary foundation for helping to cultivate a return to health.

Find and Treat the Root Cause

As Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Bowen and Dr. Tieu will help you uncover why your health has fallen out of balance and will work with you on revealing and treating the underlying cause(s) of health imbalance. Finding and treating the root cause of illness is a core Naturopathic principle.

Integrative medicine

Dr. Bowen & Dr. Tieu integrate both conventional and natural medicine in their treatments and takes diet and lifestyle into consideration in their approaches. They treat the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or diseases.

Digestive Specialties

Dr. Bowen is a Board Fellow in Naturopathic Gastroenterology. Her digestive specialties include IBS, IBD, SIBO, reflux/heartburn, chronic constipation, nausea, gas/bloating, and more! Find out WHY these things are happening and develop strategies for managing and resolving these conditions.

Autoimmune Specialties

Dr. Bowen's autoimmune specialties include Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, CREST, Sjogren's, Celiac Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, MS, Lupus, and more! Find out WHY these things are happening and develop strategies for managing and resolving these conditions.

Natural Digestive Health Expert

Naturopathic medicine, also referred to as functional medicine, focuses on the root cause of your health concerns. Dr. Bowen, ND, FABNG, specializes in digestive health as it relates to autoimmune disease and thyroid balance. She offers holistic treatment for digestive disorders such as: – SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis) Dr. Christine Bowen, ND, FABNG, has personally felt the pain of having severe and daily digestive concerns. She also has experienced the power of natural medicine to transform her own health and has helped thousands of patients do the same! Please complete and submit this intake form prior to your first visit. Dr. Bowen will review it before your arrival.

Naturopathic Care for Complex Autoimmune Diseases

If you’ve been told that surgery is your only option, or steroids, or that chronic pain will forever be a part of your life … give yourself another option by talking with Dr. Bowen. Often, patients come into our office with no formal diagnosis but they feel strongly that something is wrong with their health. If you don’t feel like yourself, let’s talk and start working towards your best health. Dr. Bowen has experience creating specialty protocols for Hashimoto’s Disease and other complex autoimmune diseases. Her therapies include options like dietary changes for immune and gut healing, Low Dose Naltrexone, and a wide variety of other customized techniques. Through natural remedies, herbal medicine, supplement options, and other forms of integrative medicine, Dr. Bowen will be the health detective you’ve been looking for and she doesn’t give up! Stop suffering from autoimmune disorders and chronic pain in silence! If you are ready to take charge of your health, welcome to Bothell Natural Health. We will be your partner in your health journey, we’ll offer you the support you need, and we’ll put your health puzzle together.

Dr. Bowen’s Published Articles

Dr. Bowen published an article in June 2017 issue of the Townsend Letter

I begged the convenience store clerk to please let me use his bathroom, but he refused. I pleaded and was crying and repeated what the result would be if I couldn't use a bathroom immediately; he still said no and that is when the dam cut loose and diarrhea leaked out of my pant leg and onto his floor. I left feeling humiliated and ashamed. This was definitely a low point in my health...Read more

Dr. Bowen published an article in April 2018 "The SCD Naturopath"

Dr. Bowen, how did you become interested in SCD? I have been following SCD for myself and helping my patients follow SCD since about 2008. I had suffered with daily diarrhea, pain, embarrassment and a feeling of being un-helpable since I was about 16 years old. At 32 years old, I was a newly practicing Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for helping my patients with digestive ailments. Yes, the irony is that I was still sick and miserable with....Read more


Thorough, professional, caring, personable, and relentless in finding a solution, and available above the call. Dr. Bowen is everything I had hoped for in a doctor.
Rick Peterson
Dr. Bowen has helped dozens of my chiropractic patients with treatment and management of many GI issues. She is my primary referral source for people in the Bothell/Kirkland area with GI or internal medicine concerns who want a natural approach to treatment.
Adam Heck
Thorough, comprehensive care, diagnosis and treatment. After several years of searching, I finally found a doctor who was able to nail my condition and I am finding the first relief after almost giving up. Five stars for sure.
Vivian McPeak

Frequently asked questions

Yes, both Dr. Bowen & Dr. Tieu can still see you for educational consultations, or for getting a second opinion on your case. They cannot, however, fully treat or diagnose you within their full scope of practice and cannot provide coded bills for out-of-network insurance reimbursement for the consultations. 

No, Bothell Natural Health isn’t currently contracted with any insurance companies at this time and does not plan on becoming contracted with them in the future. Insurance usage for services doesn’t allow our Doctors to do the testing or recommend the treatments that Dr. Bowen or Dr. Tieu believe are necessary to help you reclaim your health.  That being said, patients who wish to pursue out-of-network insurance reimbursement may request a coded bill at the time of your appointment (available for WA patients only). Insurance may be used for some laboratory expenses.

  • Extended First visit: if you have had a longer and more detailed health condition or conditions and need more time to review labs from outside providers with Dr. Bowen at your first visit.
  • Extended Follow up: if you have more than one lab test to review with Dr. Bowen. The 3-day stool test report can take 45 minutes to review and that may not be the only lab result we are hoping to review during a follow-up visit. 
  • Straightforward condition: at least 3 months to experience a significant health transformation for one non-complex condition. 

  • More complex conditions: more than 3 months but generally will experience health improvement in the first 3 months. 

  • Longer term health relationships: If you take any medications prescribed by Dr. Bowen, by law you are required to have at least one annual visit. If you are taking thyroid or immune treatments, you may need to have 2 visits per year, one for lab ordering and one for lab review and plan refinement. 

No. 1:1 care is a separate service and only the 12-week programs will have a weekly group Q and A that Dr. Bowen may engage in. Programs aren’t meant to be a substitute for 1:1 care

Dr. Bowen is available for hired speaking engagements, dependent on the approval of topics/content by both parties. Speaking fees vary and depend on the topic, venue, time spent, etc… Please send inquiries to

Dr. Bowen may offer free or low-cost talks or Masterclasses from time to time, but other than these opportunities Dr. Bowen is not offering free talks at this time. If you have an unpaid opportunity to offer, you may present it but it is unlikely that it will be approved. 

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