Welcome to Bothell Natural Health, your northwest home for holistic digestive care and much more!

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10614 Beardslee Blvd. Suite C Bothell, WA 98011

At Bothell Natural Health we put our focus on people, not simply on health problems.

Holistic Digestive Health Solutions: Dr. Bowen has personally felt the pain of having severe and daily digestive concerns and also has experienced the power of natural medicine to transform her own health and has helped thousands of patients do the same! Specializing in holistic treatment for SIBO, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and much, much more!

Stop suffering in silence and schedule to receive strategies to transform your digestive health today!

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Our Philosophy: We work to alleviate your symptoms while treating and eliminating what’s causing your symptoms. We pay attention to you and your overall well-being. Dr. Christine Bowen, a Naturopathic Doctor,  spends time getting to know you better in order to create a strong doctor-patient relationship. Eileen Bowen, our very talented counselor, specializes in conversational style counseling that enables people to find their best pathway to creating balance and well being in their lives. [learn_more caption=”Read More…”] Dr. Bowen treats a wide variety of conditions and practices general medicine for you and your entire family. She also specializes in digestive health, nutrition, thyroid balance and auto-immune disease. Dr. Bowen is extremely passionate about natural medicine and hopes to share her passion by helping you achieve optimum health![/learn_more]

ORDER LABS: To order self-pay and self-order labs, please visit Direct Labs by calling or visiting their website:

Call1-800-908-0000 and identify yourself with the Alpha code: R-BOTH, or www.DirectLabs.com/BothellNaturalHealth

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4 Responses to Welcome to Bothell Natural Health, your northwest home for holistic digestive care and much more!

  1. Jasmine Borland says:

    Hello I’m Jasmine Borland form Shoreline CC, wondering if you have anyone available in the next week to answer some questions I have for a class project. Thank you for your time.

  2. Nancy says:

    I have celiac and collagenous colitis. I’m very interested in following your findings.

    • Christine Bowen ND says:

      Please call our front office if you are interested in scheduling a consultation. Always happy to help!
      -Dr. Bowen

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