HCG Weight Loss Program

Bothell Natural Health is pleased to offer HCG weight loss packages for 23 or 40 day weight loss plans.

Our HCG weight loss packages offer a safe, physician supervised approach to weight loss. In our society we are afraid of talking honestly about obesity but , in truth, it is one of the most common causes of preventable disease in the United States. People are often desperate to lose weight, embarking on yo-yo diets and even dangerous permanent surgeries to attain their weight loss goals. Before you try more aggressive measures, please consider trying the HCG diet through our clinic.

What is HCG?  HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone naturally secreted in a woman’s body during pregnancy, in much smaller doses (than during pregnancy) this hormone has been used to help both men and women with improving fertility. In even smaller doses than those used in fertility treatments, HCG has been used to help facilitate safe weight loss when combined with a strict, physician supervised, very low calorie diet plan.

History of HCG:
The HCG diet was first used in 1930 by a physician named ATW Simeons. He used HCG hormone in combination with a very strict low calorie diet to treat obesity and found that the combination approach helped people lose weight safely and effectively without harming the patients’ metabolisms or driving the body into starvation mode.

Dr. Bowen has been helping patients lose weight with the HCG diet plan for several years and is certified by the HCG Professionals. HCG Drops, homeopathic preparations or HCG diet plans found on the internet may not be safe or effective. The FDA has approved this hormone for physician supervised, by prescription weight loss plans only. Stop feeling desperate and let us help you take control of your health!

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