About Dr. Christine Bowen

Dr. Bowen was raised in Edmonds, WA. Her family still lives in the Edmonds/Greater Seattle area. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Zoology at the University of Washington and completed her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 at Bastyr University.

She was helped and inspired by natural medicine at a very young age and hopes to be able to share her inspiration and knowledge with you.

A personal message from Christine Bowen…

“I am very passionate about helping people to feel better. I also believe that all people deserve high quality and affordable health care. If I were independently wealthy, I would be honored to give free health care to all of those in need. I look forward to practicing medicine for many years to come and hope to witness and participate in a health care system that focuses more on promotion of health than management of disease.

My office is a bit more relaxed than the “white coat” type of medical environment that patients may have come to expect. My friendly and helpful office staff should help each person have a great health care experience. Without the support of my office staff, my job would be so much harder. With their support, I am free to focus on doing what I do best, being thorough and helping people.

I like being a general medicine Naturopathic Doctor because I truly believe that there is something that natural medicine can offer for every patient with any type of imbalance. That being said, I found a particular passion for helping people re-balance their digestive systems after a long and painful personal battle with digestive ailments. Through dietary change, I was able to help myself return to health. This empowered me to have first hand experience in how to guide others through making dietary changes to help heal their digestion.

From a young age I have always had a curiosity for finding out how things work. I used to sit and watch the ants going to and from their ant hill wondering about their roles in their communities and marveling at their strength. I also had an early passion for herbal medicine. At seven, my mom reports witnessing me harvesting chamomile from our sidewalk, drying it out in the sun then making tea bags from paper towels. I then proceeded to host tea parties for my friends which were always followed by a restful nap (due to the calming effects of Chamomile).

I am very close to my family (most of whom live in Washington, California or Nevada) and love spending time with them whenever possible. I am also very passionate about travel and try to balance my busy work schedule with periods of rest and relaxation spent traveling around the world with my dear husband, Kip. In addition to distant travel, I love the outdoors and camping in our beautiful state with my husband and our friends.

I also am very moved by the power of music. My husband and I try to get out to live music shows as often as possible. I especially love rock and roll and hearing my husband sing and play guitar. He is very talented and I am happy to support him in his love of music. I love to dance and have fond memories of my family dancing together in our living room when I was a child.

I believe that I have a good sense of humor and find that there absolutely can be an appropriate amount of humor in healthcare. I love to laugh with my family and find that silliness is definitely a healing behavior.

I hope that my thoroughness as a doctor and my humanity help us to create a long lasting, healing and mutually beneficial health care relationship.”