Preventing Allergy Season Misery

Dr. Bowen helps us prevent allergy season misery.Rather than waiting until you are miserable with allergy symptoms, I would like to suggest beginning a program now that will help to lessen the allergic response and hay fever symptoms. Beginning a program now will help you to enjoy the beauty of the spring, rather than seeing it through red, irritated, itchy, runny eyes. Some of this is review from last year, but much is new or more thorough information.

A Few Words on the Allergic Response (simplified version)

When allergens react with our immune systems, it causes our white blood cells (basophils and mast cells) to break down (degranulate) and release histamine. Histamine release causes smooth muscle constriction and blood vessel dilation. Smooth muscle constriction can cause difficulty breathing or asthma like symptoms and blood vessel dilation causes fluid to leak out of vessels (i.e. mucous and tears). Histamine release also causes the other all too familiar symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and much, much, more. Our main goals when treating environmental allergies are to: decrease overall inflammation, decrease the hyper-reactivity of the immune system to allergens and tonify the vessels so that they become stronger and less responsive.

Individual Nutrients for Helping to Moderate the Allergic Response

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and a natural antihistamine. It also helps with tissue repair and synthesis. Bioflavonoids all decrease the degranulation of mast cells and inhibit release of other inflammatory substances. An example of this type of product would be the Vital Mixed Ascorbates from Pharmax.

Quercetin: is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory activities.

Turmeric: a very potent decongestant, use as a preventive measure to strengthen the intestines and reduce the overall inflammatory response.

Magnesium: capable of relaxing smooth muscles in the respiratory tract.

Bromelain: thins mucous and reduces the inflammatory response.

Butterbur: may act as an anti-histamine and help to control hay fever symptoms without the drowsiness of traditional anti-histamine drugs.

Nettle Leaf: is a mast-cell stabilizer. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Consume as a tea or in capsules.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine: helps to thin and break up mucous.

Fish Oil: helpful for decreasing overall inflammation in the body. Also helpful in managing asthma symptoms.

Mangosteen: also helpful for decreasing overall inflammation.

Combination Formulas for Moderating the Allergic Response

BCQ: a combination of bromelain, turmeric and quercetin. A powerful anti-inflammatory and immune supportive product.

Allergy Support Plus: this product has magnesium, nettle leaf, bromelain, turmeric, quercetin, N-acetyl-Cystiene and much, much more. This is an ideal combination for helping to prevent allergy symptoms as well as for management of acute allergy flares.

Homeopathic Allergy Formulas: if you are already taking medications, a homeopathic would be a perfectly safe addition to your existing allergy-management program.

Northwest Allergy Mix (Dolisos): a homeopathic preparation of local allergens: dust, mold, tree pollens, etc… Available at Super Supplements.

Bioallers: energetic preparations of common allergens. I like to think of them as energetic allergy shots. Once you know what your environmental “triggers” are then you can mix and match these preparations to suit you needs. They have a wide range of mixes including: dust and mold mix, a tree and grass pollen mix, an animal hair and dander mix and many more! These are available at Super Supplements

Sabadil (Boiron): This Homeopathic formula is great for symptom management. Does not treat the underlying cause but can help you feel better while you treat the underlying cause. Available at Super Supplements.

Restoring digestive function is important to helping the body to react normally (as opposed to over-reacting) to allergens. Normalizing good bacterial populations in the colon will help to regulate immune response. Also, eliminating the “toxic burden” on your body will help moderate the immune/inflammatory response. Stop consuming artificial sweeteners, food preservatives and other toxic chemicals. Reducing stress and babying your adrenal glands will also help reduce systemic inflammation. Ask Dr. Bowen more about developing a specialty allergy management program for you today!

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