“I’ve been going to Bothell Natural Health Clinic for a year and have learned more about my health in that one year, than I had in 30 years of traditional medicine. Dr Bowen takes time listening and cares about helping you succeed in health. Thank you, Dr Bowen!”

Debbie P.  Marysville, WA

“I have been seeing Dr. Bowen since she graduated from Bastyr and bought the practice. She is extremely bright, intelligent and knowledgeable. And she has a broad base of experience. She is a wonderful teacher of health and preventative medicine and the consummate advocate for each of her patients. Dr. Bowen is very easy to talk to and she is very good at taking the time needed to get to the bottom of the issue and get you back on the road to health and wellness.”

– Mary J. Bellevue, WA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bowen’s for several years now, and the level of care I get from her and the office staff is always top notch. Dr. Bowen understands that it’s more important to find the methods that work with her patient’s lifestyle rather than just “one size fits all” medicine. She has helped me take control of my health when I felt I had no other options.”

– Scarlett M.

“I had an outstanding initial appointment with Dr. Bowen today. A lot of my concerns and questions were answered and I came away with a plan to begin my recovery as well as tools to help me in this process.”

“Dr Bowen has brought hope back into our lives when all hope was lost.The regular doctor only prescribed countless prescription drugs over many many years with success. We want to say thank you for really caring about my dad’s health and well being”

“She was very informative and gave me details on how to naturally help keep my cholesterol in control. She listened to my questions and then gave me through answers.”

“Dr. Bowen is personable and thorough. She read through all the information I presented and spoke to each concern. I appreciate the manner in which she addresses each medical issue with the patient involved in the decision making process.”

“Your information has helped me identify the best plan for my future health program Giving me print-outs helped a lot The step by step explanation and your notes has given me an excellent reference resource thank you.”

“As always, Dr. Bowen was exceptionally compassionate and very thorough. She spent 2 hours with my mom and I listening to her every concern and put together a great care plan for her. Thank you!”

“My first visit today with Dr. Bowen exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with her! Thank you!!”

“A very good dialogue for my initial visit. Looking forward to the follow-up.”

“Dr Bowen has the ultimate grasp of her profession, and conveys knowledge in an effective way so you comprehend your situation and the means for you to be as healthy as possible. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health.”

“She is very thorough and clear in her communication. If I didn’t understand something, she found a way to explain that I did understand.”

“She was amazing, not only friendly and addressed everything but also made it feel like I wasn’t even at the doctor.”

“For the first time in 6 years I have finally found a Doctor who really listens, takes my chronic pain seriously and has actual advice to improve my overall medical condition. Dr. Bowen is a breath of fresh air in what had been a long unproductive journey.”

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